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Should I Buy a Used iPad?

There are a lot of factors to consider when shopping for electronics. You can get buried in a heap of technical specs and geek jargon without much effort at all. There’s one factor, though, that the current economic climate has brought into the foreground: cost. This has lead many enthusiast to consider buying used items. Is Buying a Used iPad a Good idea? People buy used items from their friends... [Read more]

Google Getting in the eReader Game

As a market, ebooks and ereaders have gone from being relatively simple with a few major players to tangled web of content providers and hardware manufacturers of varying compatibility in just a few short years. The competition promises to keep prices low, features competitive and digital-rights management minimal, but it’s become overwhelming for casual consumers to step into the market and... [Read more]

Is Chick-Lit Driving eBook Sales?

Since jumping on the ereader bandwagon several years ago, I’ve operated under the assumption that most people who regularly buy ebooks were like me – technology-obsessed bibliophiles who were simply fascinated with the technology. While that may have been true years ago, if indeed it ever was, I can’t help but notice that the demographic tides have turned. My mother and younger sister are the... [Read more]

New eReaders Starting to Get Touchy

Since the release of the iPad, fans of the e-book have debated about the future of eReaders. Is the future represented in the glossy touch-screen LCD of a tablet or the eminently readable, but obsequiously plain eInk screen? If the talking heads at Kobo and Barnes & Noble are to be believed, the answer is both. Kobo fired first with the announcement of their new Kobo eReader Touch Edition. It features... [Read more]

Kindle Library Lending to Reunite Bookworms

Bookworms may soon find reason to reacquaint themselves with their local libraries after Amazon announced a new program called Kindle Library Lending on Wednesday. The fledgling program would allow customers to borrow community-owned copies of e-books from any of 11,000 participating libraries in the ‘States, and read them from the comfort of their Kindle or device equipped with a Kindle app. Heavy... [Read more]

Moleskine Fans Now Have an App for iPad and iPhone

While I do love my iPad, I am still proud of the stack of Moleskines I have in the corner of my office. It’s a various assortment of sizes, colors, and styles. From personal writing to implementing a GTD system, I’ve worked my way through quite a few Moleskine books in my day. So, when I heard that they were releasing a Moleskine app for iOS, I was intrigued and decided to check it... [Read more]

Goodreads Gives eBooks Their Own eBookclubs

In many ways, ebooks have given us expedited access to literature in a way that’s never been seen before in human history. You can purchase a book, just about any book, from nearly any location in the continental United States (provided you are within distance of a cellphone tower of course) at the drop of a hat. When you consider that only five centuries ago books were priceless heirlooms that... [Read more]

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