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Since the Kindle 2 is such a hot item right now, I figured I would search the web to see if I could find any promotions our contests out there.  Turns out I did!

If you haven’t picked up a Kindle 2 yet, maybe you can win one and spend your cash on a library of ebooks.  Andy Beal over at Marketing Pilgrim is having a give-away of sorts.  You have to do a little work to enter, but it’s well worth it.  Mr. Andy is a great writer and I always find something interesting to read during any given week.

Sometime between now and April 5th, Andy is going to include a secret phrase in one of his posts.  The catch is that it will only appear in the email and RSS versions of the post, so you’ll have to subscribe and read with diligence.

To read more about Andy’s Kindle contest, head on over to


3 Responses to “Kindle 2 Contest: Win a Free Kindle 2”
  1. Jared says:

    If you’re just now reading this, I can verify that the “secret phrase” has yet to be seen (as of March 09, 2009), so there’s still time to sign up for the email or rss feeds. :)

  2. Howdy. Here’s hoping I can get some help with the Kindle2 that I’m using a bit, but finding it frustrating each time I use it (okay, not when I’m reading a novel — its great for that, obviously).

    Today, I purchased a book, Spanish at your Fingertips. What’s frustrating is that there are charts in the book that can’t be made larger on the Kindle … I can increase the text size, but not the charts, so they are basically unreadable.

    Any way to get this frustration across to the publishers? So they realize they need to re-format the charts for the Kindle, if they’re going to sell it in Kindle format?

  3. Blog Kindle says:

    There is another Free Kindle 2 Contest currently running at

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