Amazon Pays Bloggers with Kindle Subscriptions


Amazon recently announced a new beta program, “Amazon Kindle Publishing for Blogs,” that allows blog owners to publish their blogs with the Kindle. Kindle users subscribe to the blogs for a monthly fee and blog owners can earn up to 30% of each subscription.

The Kindle subscriptions can cost up to $2 per month, which could earn the blog owner up to $0.60 per subscription each month. Once multiplied by the potential thousands of readers any particular blog may have, the monthly subscription income can add up very quickly. A blog with 5,000 subscriptions can earn up to $36,000 per year.

There is no upfront cost to the blog owners who wish to publish with the Kindle. All they must do is register with Kindle Publishing for Blogs and provide them with the info needed to receive a check.

For those of you who happen to own a popular blog, this program has the potential to instantly add an additional revenue stream. If you’re blog is small or just getting started, this is certainly a good incentive to do your best. You can read more about the program with the Kindle Publishing for Blogs Help section.

Kindle owners can subscribe to blogs now. If you’re still thinking about buying a kindle, there’s still time to pre-order a Kindle DX. If you can’t wait until summer or you’d rather rock the popular 6″ model, the Kindle 2 is available for immediate shipment.

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